Privacy Policy for the Application

Stack3 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "our company") will handle the information of all individuals (hereinafter, "the user" or "users") who use the smartphone application "Simple Blood Pressure Recorder" (hereinafter, "this app") provided by our company, as well as the service associated with this app (hereinafter, "this service"), in accordance to the terms set out below.

Our company obtains and uses the following information for this app and this service. If the user is unable to provide us with this information, the user may not be able to use part or all of this app and this service.

1. Acquisition of mobile device information, advertising identifier and location

  • This app obtains the ID that identifies the user's mobile device as well as other information pertaining to the mobile device such as the version of its operating system.
  • This app obtains the user's advertising identifier (iOS) or the user's advertising ID (Android).
  • This app estimates the approximate location of the device from the IP address.

Purpose of use

  • For analysis of usage trends
  • For displaying ads that are suitable for the user
  • For determining the effectiveness of the ads

Acquisition method

  • Automatic acquisition

Halting the transmission of data

  • This app does not provide a means to halt the automatic transmission of the abovementioned personal information of the user. If the user wishes to halt the automatic transmission of this information, please uninstall this app.
  • For iOS 14 and later, the user can set the iOS tracking settings to not send the Advertising Identifier.

Use of information collection module

For the purposes of analyzing information pertaining to the provision and usage of this app and this service, as well as for displaying ads that are suitable for the user, our company uses the following third-party information collection module independently of the features of this app and this service.

  • Google Mobile Ads SDK (Provider: Google, Inc.)

2. Information required for general enquiries

In order for us to receive the content of general enquiries and reply to the user, we obtain the user's email address and the email content through the email service.

Contact for user information.

3. Regarding revisions

Our company reserves the right to revise part or all of the terms set out in the above "Privacy Policy for the Application." If the case of significant revisions being made, our company will notify all users.

Updated on January 1, 2021